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Parental leave credit



While parental leave is desired and promoted by the state, financial bottlenecks can occasionally occur if only one of the two parents is still working. Of course, the other person still wants to fulfill wishes and live his life – the perfect solution is a loan on parental leave. However, since you hardly have any income yourself during this time, you need a special loan that knows about it and takes this into account.

Parental leave credit – what makes it special?

Parental leave credit - what makes it special?

A loan on parental leave is aimed specifically at parents who have stayed at home to be there for the child in the first months and years of life. He knows about their income situation and follows it so that young parents do not fall into a debt trap if necessary. To prevent this from happening, the loan amount is usually low and is not intended to fulfill an expensive wish. Rather, it addresses the smaller everyday needs or needs that could not be financed with income and state help during parental leave.

Where can you get the loan on parental leave?

Where can you get the loan on parental leave?

If you would like to take out a loan during parental leave, it is advisable to talk to your own bank. Since you are already familiar with this, chances are good that you will get a loan, even if you are not the ideal debtor because of the child. On the Internet, you can also search for offers that are specially designed for young parents and are geared towards their needs and opportunities. Often, however, these are associated with certain interest rates because they are schufa-free offers.

Considerations before shooting

Considerations before shooting

If you want to take out a loan on parental leave, you should first think about the amount of credit that you can manage. The repayment runs in installments that have to be paid monthly and that have to be deducted from the disposable income. Above all, you should consider what you will need the loan for in order to calculate a realistic sum, which nevertheless fulfills its necessity and can pay for the need that will have to be met with it.

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